Welcome to the Email Whisperer

Our staff of specialists have attained undergraduate degrees in English Language Arts, Journalism and Education as a minimum standard and most have a graduate or post graduate degree. Professionally trained experts in English communication are difficult to find, but we have assembled some of the best and trained them to focus on small content email communication. The result is the best possible product on the market. In fact we don't just consider them English experts, they are specialists in the field.

Email is its own form of communication, with its own set of standard practices and nuances that make it different from both casual conversations and long form writing. It is also the most widely used form of communication and in some cases it is legally binding. Our specialists understand the complexities and subtleties of email writing, and use that knowledge to elevate the sophistication of your electronic communication. Our product provides emails which are both easy to understand and effective at getting your point across to your recipient.

To protect your identity and ensure confidentiality, we keep our editing services completely anonymous. You'll be given a unique session ID every time you use Email Whisperer, so your editor will not be able to see any personal information. This helps protect your privacy, and adds an extra layer of security anytime you need help editing an email that contains sensitive information.